Stick People in Trouble (or SPIT!)

I am fascinated by these stick figures.  I find most of these icons so useless!  They are either warning us not to do something that we obviously should not be doing anyway, or they are trying to tell to us something so complicated the info can’t possibly be conveyed by a simple stick figure.  Yet I love them, and the more obtuse the better.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that designers love to create them – like they’re having a joke on the rest of us. I hope that is the case.  So below is my ever-increasing collection of ‘Stickie’ caught in all kinds of compromising situations.


Very Keith Harring! Is this area set aside for dancing? Or maybe the black sections of the floor are electrified. At the Calgary Airport.


Exactly what is Stickie doing here? Hmmm… Yes, I agree, one should not hump the escalator railing. Seen at a department store in Japan.



Before and After. Stickie trying to play it cool by leaning on the elevator door. But then next thing you know, BAM! he’s upside down, landing on his head.  That’s what you get for trying to be a player, Stickie! Elevator Door in Korea


spit 2

OK, this isn’t exactly Stickie in action, but close enough and it was pretty damn cute. At a Caribou Coffee shop in Roseville, Minnesota

spit 1

Finally, a female Stickie makes an appearance – albeit a pretty embarrassing one. I hope she got there in time.  At the same Caribou Coffee shop, of course.


Modern dance meets ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Or, the exact moment you realize you should have opted for the lower health insurance deductible, even if it meant a slightly higher monthly premium. At a hotel in Las Vegas

spit 3

What? How is this gonna help anyone? Bring a battery? Or wait, is that a cell phone?  If so, it’s huge – as long as Stickie’s forearm. Is Stickie trying to  tell us to hold onto our key and our 1’s??  At a climbing wall in Stavanger, Norway.